UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence

The AI Centre carries out foundational research in AI. As we transition to a more automated society, the core aim of the Centre is to create new AI technologies and advise on the use of AI in science, industry and society. The Centre brings together researchers from across Computer Science with a shared interest in fundamental challenges in Machine Vision, Machine Learning, Machine Reading and Knowledge Representation.

Generative Neural Machine Translation

12 September 2018

Generative Neural Machine Translation

AI is only just beginning

30 November 2017

AI is just beginning. Whilst AI has been long dreamed of, it is only recently that compute power and data availability have made advances in AI possible.


Our London Centre both feeds in to and is supported by one of Europe's most vibrant tech sectors. Members of the Centre have been active in making startups in the AI space. The Centre will support fledgeling startups with an incubator within the Centre.

Training Centre

The Centre runs a range of programmes at UCL including Masters programmes in Machine Learning and related topics in AI, with over 150 students from around the world. The Centre aims to support the AI industry through Continuing Professional Development progammes hosted at the Centre.

The UCL community

UCL has a long tradition of excellence in AI and related topics, with close connections to academic groups in the Department of Statistical Science, The Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit and the Centre for Computational Statistics and Machine Learning. We also have a shared seminar programme.